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Fatemeh Fereidooni is a highly qualified and experienced tourism professional. She holds university qualifications in English interpreting and translation and Women’s Studies from reputable Iranian universities and has had nearly 20 years in all aspects of tourism in Iran, Afghanistan and France: as a guide and tour leader, in marketing, client liaison and general tour […]

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introducing history, culture, art and daily life of Iran through its handicrafts

  • Needle works

    Needlework is decorative sewing and textile arts handicrafts and in Iran we have many different type of that

  • Persian Carpet

    The name of Iran seems to have been woven in the warp and weft of carpet. Carpet is an inseparable part of Iranian identity.

  • Wooden Handicrafts

    Inlaid work means wood decorating with multiple regular sides. Khatam as is called in Iran, is made in different sides five, six, eight, and ten sides

  • Metal Handicrafts

    There is a good variety of metal works among Iran handicrafts that you can visit, become familiar and buy all of them

  • Clothes

    Traditional Persian clothing, although not worn in urban areas, has been well preserved in texts and paintings throughout history.

  • Pottery and Tilework

    The history of the art of pottery in Iran goes back into ancient time. When agriculture came into existence and cultivation started on Iran’s plateau